Our Process

We recruit only those people who have a verifiable record of success. Through our industry networks, contacts and resources we are able to bring you individuals who are usually inaccessible through traditional recruiting methods.

Houser Martin Morris is dedicated to developing mutually beneficial working relationships. Our company and its team of consultants operate under a code of ethics that ensures honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

The Houser Martin Morris Process

Discover Your Needs
We begin the recruiting process by meeting with you face-to-face and listening carefully to your needs. On each and every search, we strive to learn as much as possible about your company and the position available. Houser Martin Morris takes the time to understand the specific job requirements and the background of the ideal candidate by visiting your company and researching your firm and its competitors.

Locating Qualified Candidates
Once the job requirements are fully understood, we locate candidates who are truly qualified. Successful professionals with proven track records are usually already employed and are not readily accessible. Our recruiters understand that the people you’re looking for need to be sought out.

We take the time to look closely at a candidate’s background, asking the hard questions you might not ask. We locate professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers and to make the difference for your company. We aggressively recruit individuals by utilizing our industry networks, our professional contacts and resources, and by penetrating your competitors. Because our recruiters have specialized industry experience, we approach your job requirements from your perspective.

Screening Candidates
Houser Martin Morris screens and interviews the candidate so you can make the most of your time. We save you time and money by sending only those select few who are truly qualified to meet your requirements. Our recruiters apply time-tested methods of searching, qualifying, interviewing, and presenting candidates that match the specific needs and culture of your company.

When the time comes, Houser Martin Morris will assist you in making the offer, helping you to evaluate pay and benefits and initiate a positive professional relationship.

Houser Martin Morris continues to be involved after the hiring process to expedite relocation and transition issues and to ensure that the person hired becomes a working example of "Recruiting Success."

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